Irisu Syndrome

(This was originally written August 28, 2012. It has been uploaded and slightly modified here for archival purpose)

Irisu Syndrome (PC)

Download (Includes English patch)

To an outside viewer, Irisu Syndrome is your standard cutesy match-the-color puzzle game. For the most part, they’d be right. Like many puzzle games before it, the game thrives on large combos and gradually increases in speed levels. What stands Irisu Syndrome apart from its predecessors is the execution. Utilizing the powerful Box2D physics engine, players must shoot small white blocks at slowly falling colored shapes, which knocks them into normal gravity. They must then try to maneuver these blocks into other matching colored shapes (either on the ground or still slowly floating in the sky) to destroy them. If the piece hits the ground without touching the same color, a chunk of the health bar will disappear. The bar will only refill with successful matching and combos, the amount decreasing faster depending on the size of the shape dislodged. Also, keep in mind that any shape not yet matched can knock other blocks down as well, so ease up on the “juggling”

Irisu Syndrome also shares the distinction of being one of the few puzzle games with an actual storyline. I’m not talking about your basic “defeat the enemies and win at life” storylines you get from the likes of Puzzle Fighter, but an actual plot…a twisted story consisting of brutal murder and witchcraft.This game is not for the slow of hand (or the weak of heart), but is a worthwhile play. Be sure to download the English patch, as playing the vanilla game will result in missing out on a lot of the story (and will require some tedious language pack installation).