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  • Glad to be back!

    I’ve been really happy with the response to my return to showcasing obscure and alt games. I was really worried that the time away would erase any relevance or goodwill I’ve had with the community, but I’ve been seeing quite the opposite! I’m working through some ideas for new playthroughs, but if you haven’t seen…

  • New Archive videos posted

    Since the last post, I’ve put up four more stream archive videos to the YouTube channel. Somewhere in the middle, I decided to switch from Kdenlive to Shotcut, so hopefully the editing differences aren’t too jarring!

  • New content coming!

    After a much needed hiatus to figure some of my shit out, I’m excited to announce that I’m currently in the process of planning out some new content! As a warmup, you should start seeing a flow of archive content early this week as I shake off the editing rust. Subscribe to the YouTube channel…